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Romance comes down to the moments. Create your moment with the BubbleBouquet™. This is a leap over a typical rose bouquet. Your loved one will be astonished at the elegance and beauty of the BubbleBouquet™.  They're also lit. Yes, they have LED lights woven outside the bubble. 

 4 Bubble Roses per BubbleBouquet™ but you can also grab a single rose too!


Our flowers are forever. We use the highest quality materials to bring you and your loved ones a breath-taking experience. The balloons are created with a quality latex that is extremely durable. 



These are fabulous decorations for weddings, parties and serve as the best gifts. Go a step above the typical bouquet and get your BubbleBouquet™ today. Remember, romance is about the moments, and we're here to help you create the best ones.




Do the bubble roses come pre-assembled?

No, for convenience of shipping the bubble roses do not come pre-assembled.

How long are shipping times?

Shipping times depends on the country where product is ordered. Shipping to US can take 2 - 5 business days. Shipping overseas can take anywhere from 4 to 10 business days.  We do offer express shipping just in case you would like to receive them before the holidays (1 - 3 business days).

What is included in the package?

Everything you need to easily assemble the bubble rose:

  • 1 x handmade rose
  • 1 set x special ball skin
  • 1 x matching ribbon
  • 1 x 70CM special balloon tow bar
  • 1 x fairy veils
  • 1 set x 3 meters warm color light cord
  • 1 x pumps 

Are there extra pieces that come with the package in case of error?

Yes, we include extra pieces.

How can I assemble the bubble roses?

The bubble roses come with a set of easy to follow instructions. For assistance we have provided a tutorial just in case you have questions. All pieces are included.